·  fourth party logistics

(1) A supply chain optimization strategy needs to address many strategic questions:

Network Configuration

Do we have the right location, number and size of facilities?

Channels & Sourcing

What are the best distribution channels for products?

What suppliers should we work with?


What is the optimal sourcing and replenishment strategy? 

How will we choose transportation subcontractors?

How will international duty and tax rates impact our decision making?


What plants should make which products?

What level of quantities should we produce?


How do we optimize inventory and transportation tradeoffs?

How do we optimize inventory and facility tradeoffs?


How do we position inventory?

Returns management

What is the optimal returns strategy?


Costs & Profitability and Resource Utilization

Customer Service

Benchmarking and Strategic Positioning

(2) Supply chain optimization process:

Questionnaire (RFI)

Evaluation and Agreed Proposal

Implementation with standard criteria

Auditing and close

Official go live

Supply Chain Optimization is more than just a marketing slogan.

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